A Flying Kites Family Affair

When Mike and I decided to stop-over in Kenya on our ‘honeymoon’, we knew the kids wouldn’t easily forget our promise to have a Kenyan wedding - but we underestimated how bored we would be at the prospect of having to plan another event - personal or professional!
The third time the children asked about the wedding, we assigned Isaac as Chairperson of the Wedding Planning Committee (WPC) and left the details up to the kids.
If you have never walked down the aisle to Justin Bieber’s “Baby”, then you have not lived.

Below are the requests of the committee:

1. all the boys to wear black and the girls to wear white  (we were unable to fulfill this request on all counts)

2. wedding songs by Justin Bieber and Rhianna

3. whole family walk to njabini (we intended to but then we got too full and sleepy...)

4. tango between the boys and girls (easy and fun and hilarious!)

5. soda, rice, chapati, meat, smokies, “sweets like cheese”, chips, biscuits, mushrooms, juice (majority of the shopping list found, except mushrooms)

6. wedding cake and birthday cake (not sure why but ok)

7. dance new speakers (we do need new speakers but we did not get them today)

8. everybody to get 100 kenyan shillings (a little over a dollar) to go to honeymoon (ummmm do you want the good news, or the bad news kids?)

9. “we watch a movie up to ‘till 10:40” (go nuts).