Sponsorship Challenge: Meet Isaac

In his own words:

My name is Isaac Macharia.

I am 12 years old.

I just finished level 6. 

I was so excited to win a prize and to be first in my class.

My best subjects are Science and mathematics. 

One day I want to be an electrical engineer. 

I am able to take things apart and fix them like a remote control car.  

I was taught about computers here at Flying Kites. We have a computer that is in the big girls room that is almost the size of a TV.  Whenever there is a broken computer or a broken electronic thing, people call me to fix it. And I enjoy it. 

I came to Flying Kites in 2006. 

I came on my own. 

I like Flying Kites because I get a good education. 

I have a lot of friends at Flying Kites. I play and joke around with my friends. I talk a lot with my friends. I get time to know my friends and what kind of friends they are. They are good friends. 

Before I came here I had never been to school. I started my education here. 

Before I had torn clothes. At Flying Kites I have new clothes. 

I am healthy. I live a good life. I am special and unique. I live with good people.

I am short and fat. That’s a joke. 

See you later. From Isaac.

Believe in Isaac. Believe with us.

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