Sponsorship Challenge: Meet Tabby

My name is Tabby:

I am 13 years old. 
I am in class 4 because today I graduated from class 3.
I like school so much because at school they help me to be a good child. 
I like math. 
I want to be a doctor. 
I came to Flying Kites when I was 12 years old.
I am here with four brothers and sisters and I am the oldest. 
I came to Flying Kites because they could help me. 
I remember being hungry. Now at Flying Kites I am never hungry. I like family time the best because at the family meeting we say what we are good at and we read and we talk about gratitude.  
I like my room because I feel safe and this helps me to sleep well. 
My birthday is June 1. I will be 14. 

I am Tabby.  

Believe in Tabby. Believe with us.


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