Sponsorship Challenge: Meet Virginia

No, we’re not talking about the song. We’re talking about a caring, funny, and inquisitive 14-year-old girl; a girl who loves math and science; a girl who wants to be a nurse when she grows up. We’re talking about a girl who has overcome major obstacles and hardship, and yet her positivity is infectious. Meet Virginia! 

When Virginia was very young, both of her parents died and she was left to care for her little brother Michael. Prior to their arrival at Flying Kites, they were living in a temporary care home where daily life was both violent and unpredictable. They both came to Flying Kites in 2011, and Virginia is now enrolled in class 6 at Flying Kites. 

Virginia exudes compassion and cares deeply for the other children, particularly her younger brother. She has this laugh so compelling that you can’t help but join in too, even if you don’t know what is so funny. Virginia is enormously humble and is quickly growing up to be a remarkable, beautiful and intelligent young woman. She will without a doubt have a lasting impact on this world!

Believe in Virginia. Believe with us. 

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