“Those kids you work with in Kenya are just so happy; they have so much joy, even though most of them have so little.”

This is something we hear all the time at Flying Kites and we appreciate the reasons behind this observation.  We know —as a lot of us do on social media — we post photos of the Good Days!  We also know that this how a lot of visitors experience impoverished children.

In line with our commitment to disrupting stereotypes, we are here to tell you: these kids are just like your kids.  There is nothing inherently different, or better, or other.

They are always the best and sometimes the worst.

They are kind and funny, and sometimes selfish and irrational.

They are bright and gifted, and sometimes easily bored and annoyed.

They are happy and sometimes sad.  Sometimes in a profound way, and other times in a, “I hate ice cream and I wish this was cake” way.

Our three-year-old usually lights up the room, and sometimes, she follows you around shouting demands like a belligerent alcoholic.

They are just like your kids.

They are just kids.

Happy, sad, easy, hard.

And yes, just like your kids would be if they had suffered immensely and then been given a second chance,  they can be both timid and unsure while also immeasurably grateful and joyful.

And sometimes just flat-out grumpy.  Here are some #unfiltered photos to prove it.  

Thanks for sticking with us, on our bad days :)