What can I do?

As someone who coordinates volunteers and FK Adventure logistics, I am constantly overcome with gratitude in terms of what people are willing to give. As volunteers are getting ready to go to Kenya, I usually am asked "What types of things do you need most at Flying Kites?"

My first thought is, we need a lot - we need your support, your resources, your help. But there are also a few items that go a long way for us over in Njabini (and some of them may surprise you!)

Some examples include -- 

  1. iPhones: To buy an iPhone 5 in Kenya can cost over $1,000. The use of phones are so critical in communication between staff, and for our administrative needs.
  2. Old computers: We use computers for a variety of reasons including administrative organization but we also use them to teach our students typing and basic technology skills.
  3. Interactive learning tools: These can be hard to come by and are an essential tool in education. 
  4. Children’s Motrin
  5. Vitamins for HIV + children - the chewable fruit kind are the kids favorite! (But then again... aren’t they everybody’s favorite?)
  6. Peanut butter
  7. Batteries
  8. Children’s books

As you can imagine, space in suitcases is limited but you're always welcome to send any of these needed items to our PO Box in Kenya: 

P.O. Box 259
Njabini, KE

And as always, we thank you for your support, resources, and help.