5 useful hiking/adventure apps

Are you training for an FK Adventure? Or looking for a fun outdoor experience in your own neighborhood? Here are 5 Hiking/Adventure Apps that will help you out!

1. MapMyHike GPS Hiking

Description: “Use your phone’s GPS to track and log your hikes, view elevation info, and build an online hike journal.” This app maps your experience so you can track information like the duration, distance, and pace of your hike. It also has pre-made hikes to choose from, a bookmarking feature, and tracking feature. 

2.    Geocaching Intro 

Description: Geocaching is a fun and adventurous game that gets your outdoors, moving, and comfortable with using a compass. “The adventure begins by searching for cleverly hidden containers called geocaches. There are millions of geocaches waiting to be found, scattered throughout more than 185 countries around the world - there are probably even some near you right now.”

3.    Yonder

Description: “Created for everyone — from backyard explorers to backcountry adventurers - Yonder connects you to the people, places, and experiences that inspire.” Whatever you are in the mood for, this app can show you the places and adventures that are closest to you! 

4.    Travel Altimeter - GPS Altitude and Map Elevation

Description: An app that allows your to view your altitude or elevation - great for long hikes.

5.    SAS Survival Guide

Description: This app provides you with all things wilderness survival. It includes a variety of tips, videos, photos, as well as a quiz to test your knowledge. You will be prepared for anything!

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start moving!