The Question Box

This week I have been thinking a lot about our kids, about their amazing little minds and about how much support they need as a large wave of them enter their teens (stay tuned for a very exciting announcement welcoming our new full-time social worker to FK in Kenya!).

While sorting through the kids' online folders and rereading reports as we prepare to onboard this new team member, I have been struggling to capture the essence of how complex and sad and happy and hopeful the themes of healing are, at our house in Njabini.

This afternoon, I have decided to take a step back from development jargon and share a list of some of the questions I have been asked or I have heard being asked.  Rather than speaking for these kids, their questions give a far deeper insight into our home.

Some of these questions were submitted anonymously via the question box in our hallway (staff address these questions at family meeting), and others have been asked to me in person.

In no order of importance, here are questions that have stayed with me:

1) Do you know who Jacki Chan is?

2) What do your roads look like in America?

3) When you were growing up, who was your sponsor?*

4) Are you a pagan?

5) Why do people do rape, especially to babies?

6) Can I see your phone?

7) Does Thailand have a president?

8) What should you do if you feel sad, and no matter what, you can't feel happy?

9) What is the 8 times tables? (homework assignment dropped in the question box)

10) Can you die from eating too many plums? My cousin did.

11)  Arnold Schwarzenegger, he is still the strongest man?

*this was asked to our volunteer coordinator, as she was tucking one of our younger girls into bed.